BuzzStream Product Update: Customized Workflows & Exchange Integration

Each of your projects is unique. Some require a custom workflow. Others require a custom set of fields to track. One-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t work if you’re trying to do content promotion and product reviews and journalist outreach all at once. That’s why we’ve added the ability to create custom fields for individual projects in BuzzStream. This means you can create a dropdown menu to track whether or not you’ve shipped products for reviews in one project, and then create a checkbox list to track competitors mentioned in another project.  You can color code them all (and relationship stages, too) for easy viewing.   custom-fields-for-projects

New: Create custom fields for individual projects in BuzzStream

  We’ve also added Exchange integration for our Premium and Plus customers. (Details on that at the bottom of the post.)

Custom Fields for Projects

You can now easily add dropdown menus, checklists, date, number, and text entry fields to individual projects in BuzzStream. Simply click on the column header and choose “Add Columns.” Then select “Create New” next to custom fields. Add the details and you’re all set. Check out this demo on how to add custom fields:   Creating Custom Field

 How to add project-specific custom fields in BuzzStream

The opportunities for these fields are limitless, but here are some ideas on how you can implement them.

Ideas for Custom Fields:

  • Dropdown menu with “Waiting to Ship” and “Shipped” in product review projects
  • Checkbox of competitors to denote which sites mention which competitors
  • Numbered list to mark which tier the influencer belongs to
  • Special set of tags to track the type of blogger you’re reaching out to
  • List of website types to remind yourself which outreach message to send
  • Date field to specify when you should reach out
  • Dropdown menu to specify whether it’s a new prospect or pre-existing relationship


Color Coding for Custom Fields and Relationship Stages

It’s now really easy to get a sense of the progress of your campaigns with color-coded relationship stages and custom fields.   color-coding-relationship-stages

Color-coded relationship stages in BuzzStream

  You can add and change colors by clicking on a field and choosing “Edit Options” from the menu. Click the colored circles to make changes. Here’s how easy it is to customize colors:   Change Colors

Customizing colors in BuzzStream

These features are already in your BuzzStream account. Just choose “Edit Options” in the dropdown menu to select colors.

Exchange Integration

Premium and Plus customers can now integrate BuzzStream with Exchange email accounts (no more IMAP stress!) Simply check your settings and go to “Connect to Email.”  Choose “Add Email Account” and you should see Exchange listed.

ExchangeIntegrate your exchange cccount with BuzzStream

We hope you enjoy the new features and are looking forward to learning about how you’re using custom fields. As always, let us know if you have questions, feedback, suggestions, or ideas. You can find us on twitter @BuzzStream.