Scaling Relationship Building for Local Visibility Using BuzzStream

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If you’re a national business whose digital marketing strategy depends on local SEO, you know how challenging it can be to build a presence in hundreds of different local markets. And with recent updates to Google’s location page guidelines, local SEO just got a little harder. Earning links in local markets can improve your local and mobile rankings over the competition, and if done right, it can improve brand awareness in those markets.

Budget Dumpster is a national dumpster rental company. We operate in over 250 markets across the United States – you can imagine how challenging it can be to earn local links in over 250 different cities. BuzzStream allows us to scale our local link building efforts across multiple cities, covering more ground in a shorter amount of time.

Here is how BuzzStream helps scale our local link earning efforts:

Finding Great Opportunities with BuzzStream

With BuzzStream’s link prospecting feature, we can automate the search for very targeted link partners in each of our local markets. At Budget Dumpster, we use link prospecting to find a variety of opportunities for relationship building in our local markets.

One of the most effective methods of link earning for us has been through story telling. We look for local non-profits and community leaders who are working to make urban areas better places to live. We work with these community leaders and groups to tell their stories and often donate dumpsters to help clean up the communities we serve. Not only do these stories help us earn links locally, but they are more likely to get shared in social media.


Keeping Organized and Ending the Spreadsheet Nightmare

If you’re tracking your link outreach in spreadsheets, stop. BuzzStream offers a dynamic environment for organizing and databasing potential link partners and influencers. You may have link partners that can be used for multiple campaigns once you’ve built an initial relationship and BuzzStream makes it easy to find those opportunities. This is particularly useful if you have multiple team members working on outreach.

We organize our link efforts by campaign in BuzzStream. Within each campaign we can filter by city, so our team can view only the sites that are relevant to their efforts in a particular local market. This allows us to easily share outreach email templates and for team members to see what others are doing with a similar task so they can share and learn from each other. Using BuzzStream over spreadsheets improves not only performance for our team, but also efficiency.


Better Outreach with BuzzStream

BuzzStream makes the process of doing outreach a breeze, giving you more time to invest in the research that can make or break your link earning campaigns. It also gives you the ability to schedule email sends, ensuring you are reaching people at the best possible times. This is particularly useful if you are doing outreach to different time zones.

We add outreach email templates to each campaign. Not only does this make the outreach process lightning fast, but the team can easily share and find templates to work from that were successful in the past. BuzzStream makes it easy to personalize outreach emails with the ability to insert dynamic fields such as city, website name and more. When you are working to scale link earning across multiple markets, this efficiency is essential to success.


Automatically Tracks Metrics – So We Can Focus on the Important Stuff

At Budget Dumpster, we use BuzzStream to track a variety of metrics and activities related to our link earning efforts. Tracking certain metrics allows us to improve and refine our local outreach strategies over time, eliminating those that don’t work and expanding those that do. And as a manager, I can track the performance and efforts of my team members, easily identifying opportunities for coaching and training. Here are a few of the things we track that help us measure and track the success of our local link earning campaigns.

  • Response rates by email
  • Monthly links earned (total, by campaign, by city and by team member)
  • Number of link opportunities added (total, by campaign, by city and by team member)
  • Details around donations or giveaways

Other BuzzStream Use Cases for Link Earning

We’ve found a few creative uses for BuzzStream outside of our standard local content and PR campaigns.

Building Relationships with Customers

We recently implemented a system in which we pull data from our customer database to look for content partnership opportunities. We identify loyal businesses in our CRM who use our services and add any with a strong website and social presence to our database for future outreach.

Going After Competitor Backlinks

Considering we have different competitors in the SERPs in almost every city, BuzzStream makes it easier to look for targeted local link opportunities. You can explore the backlinks for any of your competitors in Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs or any other backlink tool and use the BuzzStream chrome extension to quickly add any prospects to the competitor links project.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we do local link earning at Budget Dumpster, shoot me a message on Twitter or LinkedIn!

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