Using BuzzStream Outreach and Content Marketing to Build White Hat Links

The SEO game has changed considerably since Google updated its algorithms a few years ago. You can’t manipulate rankings with spam links any more. The web has gotten cleaner as a result, and white-hat link building has emerged as the best viable way to build new SEO value into a website.

The best way to build high-authority, contextual backlinks to your site is through content marketing with in-depth, informative, and entertaining content—not 300-word blog posts, but big articles, infographics, and list posts that bring real value to an audience segment.

When you couple this kind of high-value content with targeted, personalized influencer outreach, you’ll see incredible results. That’s where BuzzStream Outreach comes in! With incredible functionality like the BuzzMarker quick-add Chrome extension, dynamic fields in email templates, and communication tracking, BuzzStream Outreach is perfect for calling out bloggers and content decision makers by name. Even better, it keeps track of all your relationships. This allows you to scale your content marketing efforts quickly.

White-Hat Link Building: Why You Need It

First, let’s look at the theory behind white-hat link building from a high level. It’s fairly simple.

  • Create a blog on your site’s domain.
  • Research your content market thoroughly, including niches that are related to your niche.
  • Write and publish great content that’s relevant to the link creators (owners of other websites) in your niche.
  • Use BuzzStream to promote this highly useful content to those site owners. They will link to you if your content is relevant and you can personalize your communication.

Since the process is a little involved, we created an animated infographic to help website owners understand exactly how content marketing can build real SEO value into a website.


Influencer Research: A Streamlined Process with BuzzStream Outreach

Without BuzzStream Outreach, influencer research is a daunting task. As you discover outreach prospects, you have to log them manually in a spreadsheet, either in Excel or Google Docs. This is fine at the outset—but you have to discover (and enter) everything by hand. You also have to manage all communication through memory and detailed notes: copying and pasting email templates, tracking contact dates, and so on. All of this makes it impossible to scale your program efficiently.

Enter BuzzStream Outreach! The BuzzMarker Chrome extension allows you to add a blog or website to BuzzStream with a few clicks. It will also discover any published contact info, such as email addresses and names. If an important name isn’t discovered automatically, you can always add it manually before saving the entry.


We found a website which we want to add to BuzzStream. All we have to do is click the BuzzMarker Chrome extension.



We have an email address and a name! Perfect. This will allow us to conduct highly targeted, personalized outreach to this influencer.


Personalization: The Key to Link Building Outreach

Personalization is easy when you’re emailing your mom. You have a whole life history in the back of your mind. You already know mom’s email address, and you better know how to address her!

Personalization is hard when you’re trying to scale communication in content marketing. It’s even harder when you’re trying to cut through the noise, at scale. You may set out with a spreadsheet and a dream, but by Friday, you’ll forget names, details, and the ever-important personality of each person you’ve contacted. Worse, you may make mistakes—like addressing Linda from Blog A as Janet from Blog B. Ouch.

This is where BuzzStream Outreach really takes content marketing outreach to the next level. After you’ve hunted for great blogs and websites in your niche and added them to BuzzStream, the tool will either find contact names automatically, or you can add names manually if necessary. Getting names is crucial to using BuzzStream Outreach for content marketing. Names allow you to personalize your outreach—and personalization is one of the key components to getting your efforts to break through the noise.

Here’s how email personalization works inside BuzzStream.

  1. Create an Email Outreach Template

The [First Name] dynamic field is exactly what we need for personalized content marketing.

Creating templates is easy. Simply click Outreach > Create Template. You’ll want to take advantage of the dynamic fields on the right-hand side. In our experience, [First Name] is one of the most valuable fields for link-building outreach. Sometimes, the only thing you’ll find on a blog is the author’s first name.

Drag this field into the subject line and body of your email, and BuzzStream will automatically add a first name in these spots when you email contacts within the tool that have first names associated with them.

Note: if you can’t find a blogger’s first name anywhere, remember to check comments on posts. Bloggers will often respond to their readers’ comments directly. The commenting account will display the blogger’s name. If the account goes by a nickname, consider entering this nickname as the blogger’s name in BuzzStream Outreach. If the blogger identifies herself that way on the site, it’s okay to address her by the same nickname in email.

  1. Start Outreach and Watch First Names Appear

When you pull up a contact to begin outreach, that contact’s name (when available) will automatically appear in the [First Name] field. With nothing but a series of clicks, you can send highly targeted, personalized emails to powerful bloggers and webmasters in your niche. This ease of use and accuracy of targeting allows agencies like us to scale our content marketing efforts—fast.

What To Do With All That Personalization?

Obviously, personalization is a powerful tool—but you have to use it intelligently. You have to know your content market. You have to understand what the bloggers in your space prefer, and you need strong data on the types of content that have already performed well in your space. You need to understand content marketing from top to bottom, and you need to define your organizational goals. This long list of 106 content marketing tips will get you started sketching, and then implementing, a results-oriented content marketing campaign that supports the goals of your organization.

It helps to work from a “content template” when creating content marketing pieces, even if it’s just a mental template. Frameworks like long numbered list posts, infographics, best-ofs, and expert roundups often perform well in content marketing. The trick is to adapt each content template to fit the content market you’re working in.

Personalized BuzzStream Outreach + Awesome Content = Links Built!

At 216digital, we’ve had great success using content marketing and BuzzStream outreach for link building. We have data to prove how effective this combination is. Here are the stats on four of our most recent content marketing success stories.

1. The Top Historical Societies in the United States – Content marketing for our client Recollections. This piece received 1000+ social shares and 7 links built. It now has a page authority of 25.


2. The Top Custom BMW Motorcycles of 2015 – Content marketing for our client Wunderlich America. This article is over 4,000 words long and contains over 60 images. To date, it has received 5,000+ social shares through BuzzStream outreach for social media. That was before we even began link-building outreach through BuzzStream.


3. The Top Women Designers Working Today – Content marketing for our own blog. To date, it has received 1,600+ social shares and has 8 root domains linking to it for a page authority of 37.


4. Visualizing the Future of Wearable Technology – Content marketing for our own blog. We helped sponsor a hackathon at the university which several of our team members attended. As a result, we received one followed .edu link built from a DA 79 website.


The Bottom Line

In the world of white-hat link building, BuzzStream Outreach is a must-have tool. Content marketing has many purposes, and link-building is (arguably) not even the most important purpose of content marketing. However, good content marketing serves multiple purposes simultaneously. All of those purposes require influencer outreach of some kind. Whether you’re a one-man show, a small team, or a big agency, BuzzStream will help you take this kind of outreach to the next level.

In the case of link-building, that means more high-quality links built to your site, which creates a higher domain authority for your site. Ultimately, that higher domain authority will lead directly to higher rankings for the keywords you care about. That means more qualified traffic coming to your site, and ultimately, more value built into your organization.

Looks like BuzzStream + Content Marketing = A Winner.

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    Great article! I personally use Buzzstream (alongside Buzzsumo) and have seen great results in terms of traffic and links. Keep it up