How Wallpapered Does Better Blogger Outreach with BuzzStream

Today’s post comes from Rachel Ellis of Wallpapered, the ecommerce store for custom wall paper.   Without further adieu, here’s Rachel.

Hello there!
We’re Wallpapered, we specialise in creating custom wallpapers, and it’s lovely to meet you! All our wallpapers are printed to the exact size you require, which means reduced costs while still being environmentally responsible and sustainable! We have an excellent range of wallpapers — from world maps, and antique maps, through to texture inspired wallpapers, and designs for children’s rooms.

As we’re an online only store, it’s really important to have a strong digital presence — that way we can ensure it’s never a struggle for our customers to find us. So link building and developing exciting content with bloggers is an essential part of our business — that’s where BuzzStream comes in!
So without further ado, here are our favourite ways of using the platform.

Building Prospecting Lists with the BuzzMarker for Chrome

This year we wanted to discover lots of new and exciting interior design blogs, the kind of people we could reach out to and start building strong relationships with. We were already familiar which a few, and in love with plenty more, but the Internet is a big place — lots of blogs were going to take a bit of digging to find.

One of the tools within BuzzStream that we get lots of use from is ‘create a prospecting list’ with the BuzzMarker for Chrome. This enabled us to easily find a website that listed their favourite interior design blogs, before quickly transform this information into a digestible list we could pick and choose from — genius!

wallpapered image 1

New Verticals & New Templates

One of our most popular product lines is our map wallpaper. When we started looking to promote them more heavily, we started by just contacting interior design bloggers. Later in the campaign, we looked sideways and realised we were being a touch narrow minded with our audience — after all, loads of other people would be interested in cool map wallpapers, not just specialist design bloggers!

We then developed new templates for traveling blogs and map enthusiasts. This opened up lots more contacts and opportunities for us. Being able to easily manage different templates allowed us to target bloggers with relevant information that was personal to them — all together under one roof.

It may sound glaringly obvious, but having all your outreach activity in one place is amazingly helpful! You don’t need to mess around with various excel sheets or search through emails. So when someone asks you a question at 9am on a Monday, (before you’ve even had the chance to get massively caffeinated) you can calmly open up BuzzStream, and have the answer you need within seconds! Life savour!


wallpapered image 2

Different Goals, Different Projects

Finally, a small but useful feature for us is the ability to easily set up different projects that run simultaneously. Wallpapered is the sister company of Watts of Westminster  which also produces wallpaper, albeit a more luxurious product with a higher price point. So if we come across a blog more in keeping with the characteristics Watts of Westminster promote, we can easily add it to a separate project for later. Although our focus has recently been onWallpapered, we’ve also been beavering away to develop a database for Watts! Two birds, one stone — thanks BuzzStream!

wallpapered image 3