Worfklow Improvements to BuzzStream: BuzzBar Defaults, Bulk Monitored Link Editing, and More

Today we’re excited to announce some new features that make it easier to accomplish your workflow in BuzzStream.  With these improvements, BuzzStream should map to your process in a more natural way, saving you some clicks and enabling you to spend time on the important parts of outreach.

Default Fields in the BuzzMarker

You can now set default fields when adding new websites in the BuzzBar:

default panel

Default fields are perfect when you’re working through a prospecting list, looking for one type of opportunity, or bloggers in a specific vertical. For example, if you’re looking through a list of finance blogs, you can pre-tag every opportunity as ‘Finance’ and every site type as ‘Blog’:

example of default panel

You can set defaults by clicking on the Defaults link in the upper right corner of the BuzzMarker for Chrome.

Bulk Editing of Monitored Links

Now mass editing monitored links is easier in the Links tab, including mass-assigning link type, acquisition method, and more:

mass edit links

You can also mass update link records by uploading .CSVs, so you save time and show your impact.

Add Follow-Up & Reply Notifications in Templates

 You can now add follow-up notifications and reply notifications to templates by default – so your campaign won’t fall through the cracks:

reply notifications by default

Simply check the notification boxes when you create a template, and you can add reply notifications or follow up notifications to every outreach message automatically.

Let Us Know What You Think!

Please let us know what you think – drop us an email at support@buzzstream.com, leave a comment, or tweet us @BuzzStream. We read every single message, and we’d love to hear from you as we continue to make BuzzStream more powerful and easier to use.


  • Hey Matt,
    This is really useful – thanks! It is great to be able to tag more efficiently during research.

    I made some comments about tag filters for outreach lists in the forum. Tim is giving great work around advice to make the system function for us but I really think you should all consider a better system for using tags to filter a large database. Like you did in this post example, most of us put tags right up front when we categorize a contact. Each contact can have up to 25 tags, but the system only allows us to filter a list on one of them when we start outreach. Tim suggested adding custom website types or custom fields which we can filter on, but that won’t work as well as a better tags filter. Is there a plan to enhance that some day?

  • HI Fred,

    I’ll jump in here…this isn’t in our near-term plan, but revising our search/filtering capabilities is something we’re strongly considering for our mid to long-term roadmap. Adding boolean operators may seem like a simple thing to add to the product, but it really isn’t…lots and lots of implications across the product (impact on UI/UX, performance, maintenance/support, testing, etc.).



  • Some good improvements here Matt.

    The Default fields in the Buzzmarker will be really useful. Does this functionality exist in the Buzzbar too?

    On a complete side note, we’ve been cleaning up lots of old prospects and we’ve found it a bit of a struggle in all honesty. Any chance of some delete folders or merge projects functionality being added?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks Sam.

    Re: Buzzbar, it’s just in the BuzzMarker for now. Due to the way browsers handle mixed iframes, there’s some constraints on what we can do with the BuzzBar so we’re focusing on the BuzzMarker for Chrome.

    Re: delete folders, that’s not something we have on the roadmap today. There are some tricks and work-arounds here today – I would get in touch with someone from our customer success team and see if they can help here. You can email them at support (at) buzzstream dot com.