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As more and more companies adopt content marketing, an ever-increasing volume of content gasps for attention. At BuzzStream, it’s our mission to help marketers build the relationships with influencers they need to get that attention, drive word-of-mouth traffic, improve search performance, and increase awareness.

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The BuzzStream Team

Paul May

Co-founder and CEO

Paul wishes he had Louis’s hair. @paulmay

Aaron Dixon

Software Development

Aaron and Paul are not actually the same person.

Gracelyn Ladd


Jonathon Fomby

Software Development

Jonathon and Nick Nolte ARE the same person.

Louis Orenstein

Software Development

Louis’s beard has its own facebook page.

Nik Krishna

Software Development

Nik has been correctly misspelling his name for years.

Stephen Panico

Product Management

Not panic oh… pah-NEEK-oh.

Shira More

Customer Success

Shira lifts more than everybody else here. @moreshira

Tim Bramer

Customer Success

Tim curiously lives in Minnesota by choice. @timbramer

Tobias Carson

Software Development

Tobias is actually an android built by the BuzzStream AI.

Will Zhang

Software Development

Will’s been working from home before he had a home to work from.

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