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Great product! And we love how closely they work with their customers. It’s what keeps them ahead of all the other services we’ve tried.
Ross Hudgens, Founder/CEO
I have used Buzzstream for 3 years now and onboarded this as soon as I launched my own agency. I’ve used many similar to this and found this is the most useful and easy to use tool for tracking and monitoring outreach. It’s the most used tool at Rise daily.
Carrie Rose, Founder
Buzzstream is hands down the best enterprise class outreach management tool out there. It gives me the easy top down view to make sure we are delivering. I find the tool saves me time and is extremely intuitive.
Wil Reynolds, Founder
At Verve Search we have been using BuzzStream as an integral part of our outreach process for over 5 years. No other tool comes close to ticking all the boxes BuzzStream does for us.
Lisa Myers, CEO
BuzzStream is like the Apple of outreach platforms. Simple to use UI and as a tool, it just works. I was very particular about changing our outreach process (email and Google Sheets) back in 2017 initially but BuzzStream allows the personalization I really value whilst making our follow-up and cross-project time way more productive.
Darren Kingman, Founder
BuzzStream allows our team to be far more efficient than if we’d stuck to using other pitching tools, and gives us access to a variety of useful metrics that make it easier to demonstrate the progress and performance of our campaigns. For our busy team working across a broad range of clients, BuzzStream’s automation, templating and tracking features have proven invaluable – I’ve yet to see an alternative that can match it.
Tabby Farrar, Principal Content & Digital PR Consultant
BuzzStream is super intuitive and a highly effective contact management tool. It has been my go-to tool for all my digital PR and email outreach campaigns during the last 8 years. I’ve been implementing it on new clients, and all of them ended up loving it because the learning curve is smooth and the results are guaranteed.
Thaylise Nakamoto, SEO Off-Page Manager
BuzzStream is a great outreach tool that we have been using here at NORTH for almost 3 years now. It seamlessly streamlines communication efforts, allowing for greater focus on building meaningful connections and achieving impactful results with efficiency.
Katie Stewart, Interim Head of Performance

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