SaaS Link Building: Expert Tips and Real Life Examples

Building links has benefits outside of just helping you rank for keywords. Link building is integral to getting your business online exposure. The right link can attract new customers in a way that other forms of organic marketing simply cannot. Link building can be especially beneficial in competitive Read more

Relevant Links – Why They Are Important and How to Build Them

Regardless of what you’ve heard, you should always care about how and where you are getting backlinks. Links are the main way Google traverses the web. Links help provide valuable context and will always remain part of Google’s algorithm. That will never change. However, as Google shifts its Read more

Update: More Flexibility For Your Unsubscribe Preferences in BuzzStream

Obviously, nobody wants to have anyone unsubscribe from their beautifully crafted emails. But, as we do not live in an ideal world, unsubscribes are going to happen. Because of that, we wanted to give BuzzStream users the options to handle unsubscribe capabilities in a way that makes sense for their Read more

Introducing Backup Recipients in BuzzStream

We’ve just released a brand new feature - and folks, this is a big one. As of today, BuzzStream accounts on Professional plans or higher have the ability to set backup recipients when they are sending outreach. What are Backup Recipients? Let's say you want to reach out to a publisher and there's Read more

Introducing the Updated BuzzStream Email Composer

BuzzStream is all about sending emails efficiently. Composing your email sequences and getting fast insight into the sequence activity that’s occurring for your contacts is obviously a critical part of that. So, we’ve just updated the BuzzStream composer to provide a more streamlined workflow when Read more