Personalized Outreach Made Simple

Leave those complicated spreadsheets behind. Send personalized, relationship-based messages without sacrificing efficiency.

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Here’s how it works

Segment Your Lists

Sort & filter your database to find the right contacts for your campaign.

Select a Template

Choose or create a template for your campaign. BuzzStream tracks open rates, click rates and response rates, so you can see what’s working best.

Personalize Your Message

Write a relevant, personalized message based on your conversation history, notes, and your contact’s recent posts. Get everything you need in one view.

Choose When to Send

Choose a time to send your outreach message, so your prospects receive your message at exactly the right time.

Automate Your Follow-ups

Enjoy hands-free follow-up with your contacts through intelligent automation based on rules you define.

Set Follow-up Reminders

Set reminders and never forget to follow-up with a contact who hasn’t responded or is awaiting a response.

Everything You Need to Send Great Outreach

Track Every Touchpoint, Automatically

Spend less time keeping track of project activities and more time building relationships. BuzzStream automatically tracks your email and Twitter conversations with contacts.

Get More Done with Teamwork

View the conversations your teammates have had with contacts, so you can always send smart, informed outreach.

View Detailed Profiles as You Browse the Web

View detailed information about the website your viewing and the people affiliated with it. See contact information, twitter info, links to your website, and more.

Send Outreach as You Go

Send outreach as you’re viewing a contact’s website. Get a complete view of their bio, contact information, history, and more as you write.

Be Quick and Effective

Use the outreach module to quickly and easily send personalized, relationship-based messages that get results.

Email Individually or in Bulk

Choose whether to personalize each email or send a message to everyone in your campaign at the same time.

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