Keep Your Projects on Track

Manage your relationships and share notes and progress with your team. See where every project’s at with a touch of a button.

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How’s the Campaign Going?

Get an instant view of your campaign’s status. See who’s been contacted, who’s said yes, and who you still need to reach out to.

What’s Your Team Been Working On?

Get a complete view into your team’s recent activity, like notes added or outreach sent. Sort by project or by team member.

Who Needs a Follow-up?

Set alerts to notify you when contacts have or haven’t replied to your outreach. Use filters to see who you’re falling out of touch with.

Who’s Responsible for This Relationship?

Split up work by assigning tasks to team members. Your team can share notes about contacts, along with tweets and email history.

Collaborate on projects.
Build lists, send outreach, & measure results.
Share notes & conversation histories.
Assign Tasks to Team Members.

Everything You Need in One Place


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Leave those complicated
spreadsheets behind…
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Give your team an
intelligent outreach platform.

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