Research Opportunities Fast

Browse prospect lists, add contacts, and automatically find contact information and metrics. Build better profiles, spend less time in spreadsheets.

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Add Contacts with Just One Click

Add new bloggers, websites, and social profiles to your database as you browse the web.

Quickly Qualify Your Prospect List

Instantly turn any SERP or list of URLs into a prospect list. Efficiently qualify, research and outreach with customizable research workflows.

Automatic List Building

Let BuzzStream do the research for you with automatic prospecting. We’ll gather the most relevant results from web and news searches and build your list in seconds.

Let BuzzStream Collect Data for You

Upload a list of URLs, and BuzzStream will automatically discover contact information, website stats, and social metrics for you.

Use Data to Segment Your Contact Lists

Who are my most influential contacts?

Which websites are most authoritative?

Who’s promoted us in the past?

Does my team know anyone who’s a fit?

Everything You Need to Research Opportunities & Build Lists

Rich Profiles

Get contact information, social profiles, website metrics, and more.

Easy Prospecting

Flip through search results or prospect lists to find the best contacts.

Intelligent Segments

Sort and filter your lists by authority, influence, and history.

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