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Want to Join BuzzStream? We’re Looking for a Head of Content Marketing

A lot of people ask me how we’ve been able to consistently deliver such high quality content across all of our content channels for such a long period of time. The majority of the credit for this belongs to Matt Gratt. Until this spring, virtually every piece of our content was created, edited or conceived by Matt. In that time, we’ve seen traffic to our website explode and subscribers to our twitter feed increase dramatically…and because content is our biggest driver of sign-ups and revenue, we’ve seen trials and revenue more than triple in the last two years.

Matt has now decided to move on to another great Austin company. It’s an exciting opportunity that makes a lot of sense for him. Nevertheless, I’ll miss working side-by-side with him. He’s had a big impact on our growth, our strategy and our culture, and it’s been a lot of fun working with him. I’m incredibly grateful for what he’s done and I know he’s going to kick some serious butt in his new role.

So what now for BuzzStream?

Well this is where you come in. :)  We need someone who is unfathomably awesome to step in and lead BuzzStream’s content efforts.



Upcoming Webinar: Crafting Perfect Pitches

Update: The video and slide deck from this webinar can be viewed at

Kelsey Libert and the team surveyed more than 500 editors, bloggers, and journalists at major news publications and sites about what makes a perfect pitch. On Wednesday, July 9th at 1:30 EST, they’ll be sharing this research with the BuzzStream community in an exclusive webinar. You can sign up here.

Update 7/18: The Webinar Video, Slides, and Recap are available here.



Using BuzzStream to Avoid Disavowed or Blacklisted Domains

Today’s post on keeping track of disavowed and blacklisted domains comes from BuzzStream customer and friend, Martin Woods of

It’s blindingly obvious that you shouldn’t make the same mistakes twice, especially when it comes to a Google penalty. According to Matt Cutts, the consequences for the second breach of their terms & conditions are even more severe than the first.


But how do you keep a track of all the websites and contacts which you don’t want to work with? It’s especially hard when you are a large outreach team working on multiple campaigns at the same time, as it’s vital to keep everyone working holistically. (more…)


How to Manage Your Professional Contacts with BuzzStream

BuzzStream is (mainly) a CRM tool for outreach teams, but it can also be used to keep track of your professional contacts. Whether you’re looking to nurture leads or grow your personal brand, it’s a handy tool to have on your side. Take a look:

Here are just a few of the things that BuzzStream can help you do:

  • Keep track of names, faces, bios, and contact information
  • Send emails and set follow-up reminders
  • Filter contacts by location to see who’s located where
  • Highlight content and people from websites in your account



A 9-Step Crash Course on Content Distribution

Today’s post comes from Ritika Puri. In addition to sharing PR and content tips on the BuzzStream blog, Ritika has written for Forbes, The Next Web, Business Insider, and American Express OPEN Forum.

Content marketing is a customer acquisition powertool. The concept is simple — inspire, engage, and delight audiences through great storytelling. Write compelling, heartfelt blog posts. Create beautiful infographics. Produce never-before-seen e-books and guides. Delight your audiences, and pour your humanity into your brand.

It sounds simple, right? Produce great content, and you’re set.

Not quite. (more…)


17 PR Professionals Share Their Best Pitching Tips

Today’s post comes from BuzzStream friend, Ritika Puri, a data-lover and marketer turned entrepreneur and writer. Ritika works with content marketers to build lead pipelines and has written for Forbes, The Next Web, Business Insider, and American Express OPEN Forum.

Journalists and marketers are in strong positions to help each other succeed. Marketers strive to build brand awareness by telling powerful stories. Journalists look to educate and entertain audiences about trending topics.

The challenge, however, is that the media landscape is flooded — and that these core connections can sometimes slip through the cracks. (more…)

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Finding and Claiming Links for Content

You can find opportunities to claim links for your content (like ebooks and infographics) similarly to how you find unlinked mentions and links to reclaim for your brand. Acquiring all the links you deserve can move the needle on search and traffic. Here are three common missed opportunities and fixes for each.

Missed Opportunities Image via Lel4nd on Flickr

Missed Opportunity #1: Only Searching for Your Content’s Title

Fix: Also look for the titles that other sites give your content.

When sites like Mashable and HuffPo pick up your content, they’ll usually change the headline to suit their audiences. Then, when smaller sites pick up stories from those big players, they use the same wording. (more…)


LinkLove 2013 – a Link Building Conference By Distilled


LinkLove London, the link building conference, is coming up fast, and today we have a discount code for attendees.

What is LinkLove?

LinkLove is (to our knowledge) the only conference solely devoted to link building and link analysis.  The conference takes place on Friday the 15th of March at The Brewery in London. 

You can hear from industry leaders like:



Product Update: More Flexible Filtering and Improved Tag Management

 This week, we’ve checked off two more features that many BuzzStream power users and team accounts have been clamoring for. We’ve added more flexible ways to filter your contacts and better ways to manage tags.

Tag Management

In BuzzStream, tags are one of the primary ways you classify your contacts so that you can quickly create lists. The great thing about tags is that they’re flexible and they’re super-easy to create. The not-so-great thing about them?…well, they’re flexible and they’re super-easy to create.  If you’re not careful, you can end up with multiple tags for the same category, tags that are no longer used, overly granular tags, etc. For those of you that operate in a team, things can get particularly messy, since you have to wade through the tags that you and everyone else has created. 

To help with this, we’ve added a ‘Manage Tags’ page in you settings. From this page, you can control which tags are shown to you and you can delete unwanted tags.



Major Product Update: New User Interface

We’re excited to announce that the new BuzzStream user interface is now live. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback to us over the past few weeks!

We revamped the UI to make the app more visually appealing (obviously), but that was only one factor in our decision to do this. The deciding factor was that we were finding that a significant amount of our development effort was focused on supporting custom UI components. We’ve invested pretty heavily in back-end infrastructure designed to increase development speed, but this was the one area that was slowing us down. By moving to a new UI, we’re now leveraging third party UI toolkits (mostly open source) that will address this bottleneck. These toolkits also let us retire some code that was impacting performance. So not only does BuzzStream look better, it should be faster and new features should come out even quicker…a nice three-fer. :)   

What’s Changed

We’ve tried to be careful to avoid major changes to the interface (most capabilities are still accessed in the same way), but there are some changes. Let’s take a look.

Changes to the Navigation

One of the biggest problems that we saw in usability tests was that people would have trouble finding contacts because they weren’t aware which project they were in. To help with this, we’ve moved the Projects dropdown to the far left-hand corner of the app and made it more visible. You’ll see this change if you have projects enabled.

BuzzStream Projects selector

 We’ve also reduced our navigation from two levels down to one level. In the old interface, your list of People, Media Outlets and Link Partners was housed within the ‘Contacts’ section. We’ve eliminated ‘Contacts’ and placed them at the top of the navigation. 

 BuzzStream navigation