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How to Do Email Outreach in 5 Simple Steps

If you’ve ever popped into your spam folder, you’ve seen what a lousy outreach email looks like. You may have even seen one creep into your main folder. Because of this spam, email outreach has gotten a bad reputation. But not all outreach is spam. Blogger outreach, link building outreach, Read more

C.H.A.M.P. Outreach Method (That Got Me Thousands of Links)

Are you sending a ton of emails and waiting for responses? We’ve all been there. Unanswered emails can quickly become a complicated mess of variables. Is the subject line not grabbing them? Does the data need to be more compelling? Did I reach out to the wrong person? Is my email not grabbing Read more

How to Find Someone’s Email (For Free) in 2024

You can find anything on the internet, right? It sure seems that way. So why is it so hard to find people’s email addresses? Some people, especially freelancers, don’t like to be found (or emailed). Others may want their contact information seen but haven’t taken the time to update it. Nevertheless, Read more

15 Must-Have Blogger Outreach Tools for 2024 (Free and Paid)

Over 70 million new blog posts are published each month — and that’s just WordPress alone. With so much content getting produced, it’s easier than ever to find relevant blogs and bloggers open to sharing your content. However, in the ten years I’ve been doing blogger outreach in various industries, Read more

The #1 Tip To Running A Successful Influencer Outreach Campaign

It can be challenging to find a marketing article that doesn’t mention influencer marketing lately. Influencer marketing has become the rising star in the world of marketing. The catalyst of this rise is the growing trend of consumers connecting with and trusting influencers over brands.  Influencer Read more

AI Writes a Pitch

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more commonplace at the office and in everyday life, questions continue to arise: Will AI ever understand causation, or will AI take over the world and leave humanity in damnation? For media professionals, whose inboxes are flooded with a daily dose of hundreds Read more


Best Practices for Finding and Reaching out to YouTubers That can Help Your Brand

Being an online marketer, it’s up to you to find new and more effective ways to market your brand. Sticking to traditional advertising channels will cause you to drown out in the crowd.

Most marketers think that they should be looking for content publishers/bloggers to promote their businesses, Read more


Reaching Your Audience: Which Online Marketing and Advertising Tactics Actually Work?

We’ve all been there. We click through to a website we know will interest us — whether it be a news article, a video, or a blog post — and we’re immediately confronted with some kind of marketing tactic.

It could be a pop-up prompting us to subscribe to a newsletter or an ad playing before Read more

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Podcast Guesting – Why it Should be Part of Your Content Marketing Mix and How to Setup Your Pitch

The question, “What’s your favorite podcast?” has become as popular of an ice breaker as “What’s your favorite TV show?” This is because podcasting awareness has exploded in recent years, so it’s a perfectly normal question to ask while making small talk.

To really bring the podcasting Read more


How to Create a Winning Content Promotion Plan

The original version of this post was written by the ridiculously talented Stephanie Briggs. Although it has been updated heavily it’s incredible how much of the original information still rings true. To keep up to date with her current goings-on, head over to Briggsby.

Many content marketers Read more