most social publishers

The Most Social Publishers

Your campaign is out of production and off to promotion. Your team begins to build a list of targeted publishers, but they might be overlooking a crucial step: identifying a publisher’s level of social engagement. This metric has revolutionized publishing, and a strong social presence is what Read more

How Wallpapered Does Better Blogger Outreach with BuzzStream

Today's post comes from Rachel Ellis of Wallpapered, the ecommerce store for custom wall paper.   Without further adieu, here's Rachel. Hello there! We're Wallpapered, we specialise in creating custom wallpapers, and it’s lovely to meet you! All our wallpapers are printed to the exact size you Read more

6 Fresh Tips to Outrun, Outpace, and Outsmart PR Noise

Full disclosure: I’ve been on both sides of the PR equation. Today, as a writer who blogs for The Next Web, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, I’m on the receiving end of dozens of pitches, several hundred HARO replies, and handfuls of phone calls per day. Years ago, in another marketing lifetime, Read more

Publisher Body Image Size Compared

It’s a story all too familiar to content marketers: Your asset has passed QA and is ready to be sent through promotions. You get a bite from an editor who absolutely loves the campaign but everything comes screeching to a halt: Your asset doesn’t fit on the publisher’s site. During the production Read more

6 PR Myths that We Need to Outsmart Now

Top PR leaders embrace a simple yet powerful mindset: you shouldn’t always believe what you hear. For one, the communications space is very crowded, with PR pros outnumbering journalists at a ratio of 4.6 to 1. When markets get crowded, competition becomes cutthroat—and in the world of work, Read more