Bringing a Human Side to Actionable vs. Vanity Metrics

As data-driven as today’s marketers are, they’re also facing a very big challenge: it’s tough to distinguish actionable from vanity metrics. When you’re configuring Google Analytics for the first time, creating a reporting dashboard, or building out a PowerPoint presentation, one of the biggest Read more

Organic Clicks Takes Digital Marketing to the Next Level with BuzzStream

Anyone who owns or runs a successful online marketing business knows exactly how important it is to create and maintain healthy relationships for your clients. Organic Clicks partners with small businesses around the world to help them reach their targeted audience through various marketing channels. Read more

3 Advanced Copywriting Tips that Every Marketer Should Know

If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably spent a lot of time writing copy for landing pages, blog posts, PPC ads, email marketing, sales enablement, and everything in between. You’ve probably also learned that writing never feels any easier. There’s nothing more intimidating than looking at a blank Read more

How Happy Idiots Manage Their Rapid Growth With BuzzStream

Happy Idiots is a full service online marketing bureau established in Eindhoven. As the word ‘idiots’ implies, we are crazy about the online effect. This is expressed via different cooperating disciplines, including SEO, SEA, display, affiliate, and social media advertising. Happy Idiots consists Read more

Indispensable Tips to Make Your Data More Actionable

Struggling to make your data more actionable? If so, you’re not alone. As one point of reference, a recent survey found that only six percent of marketers have a single view of their customer, despite 90 percent of respondents naming this need as a top priority. Even advanced marketers are struggling Read more