3 Short & Memorable Mindhacks for Better HARO Pitches

In addition to writing content for BuzzStream, I also publish articles in places like The Next Web and Entrepreneur. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is my go-to-resource for finding sources and meeting wonderful PR professionals. Through the platform, I’ve surfaced my best stories and have made hundreds Read more

5 Steps to Getting Your Team Organized for Cohesive Outreach in BuzzStream

Introducing new tools or concepts to your team takes time, energy and patience. We’ve been using BuzzStream at Poki Playground for almost three years now, but when we first started using it, we had a couple of assumptions about how our team would use it and how quickly they would adapt. Turns out Read more

5 Mastermind Resources to Optimize Your Pitching and Media Outreach Strategy

When you’re pitching bloggers and the media to tell a story about your company, you have a split second to make an impact. The person receiving your email is likely overloaded with requests just like yours. Even if you have a compelling subject line and value proposition, how do you stay memorable Read more

How To Develop Content Assets That Generate Links

Link building and content marketing fall into the same bucket when it comes to SEO for good reason. When you read any ranking correlation study, the number of referring domains linking to a page/domain is one of the top reasons a site ranks well. With that being the case, we set out to find a way Read more

7 Different Types of Influencer Campaigns: What’s Good about Them, What’s Bad about Them

When it comes to the “how” of working with influencers, you have a ton of options. So many options, in fact, you might be tempted to fall back on the good ol’ “Hey influencer, want to post content about my brand on your social channels?” No shame on that game. But with 59% of us marketers Read more