The State of Data Science

How to Create a Media-Worthy Data Story

Publicists outnumber journalists 5:1, according to one forecast. But even without the hard numbers to prove it, one trend is clear: For big and small companies alike, strong PR visibility is tough to attain. Think about it—journalists are flooded with requests and potential story ideas. What is it Read more

5 Hidden Benefits of Content Marketing

When you’re launching a content marketing program, it’s important to focus on short-term goals like web traffic growth, search engine visibility, PR, and lead generation. But if you focus too much on these strategic objectives, you’ll miss other aspects of your strategy that are just as important. The Read more

6 Easy Ways to Save Time with Your Marketing

Budget isn’t a marketer’s most valuable asset—it’s time. Who has enough hours in the day, especially these days, to achieve the optimal balance of campaign planning, testing, iterating, and further optimization? In an ideal world, companies would have entire teams devoted to these efforts. But Read more

A 3-Step Framework to Build Your Influencer Campaign

To be successful, marketing campaigns need to follow a clear and measurable process. Establish your goals, form a hypothesis, run tests, measure your outcomes, and scale your results. It’s this simple idea that allows marketers to grow their email lists, improve conversion rates on lead generation Read more

5 Dos and Don’ts of Reaching Influencers

Influencer marketing isn’t a new concept: it’s a known, timeless marketing force of nature. But digital ecosystems can sometimes make processes feel overcomplicated. Should you tweet or email influencers when you write about them? How aggressive should you be when asking someone to share a blog post Read more