Why Bloggers are More Influential Than Celebrities in the Beauty Industry

That title is a pretty bold statement to make. But this is exactly what I discovered with my Masters dissertation: “How do vloggers and celebrity endorsers compare as marketing sources for beauty brands?”. In this blog post I will explain my research process and the conclusions I came to – Read more

5 Hacks to Stretch the Value of Your Content Budget

Ever been shocked by the sticker price of content marketing? When you’re building an arsenal of case studies, e-books, and case studies, costs can add up quickly. Take a simple blog post, for instance. You may be surprised to learn that some long-form posts take weeks to produce and may cost more than Read more

SEO Case Study: How Buzzstream Helped Take a Local Client to the Top

Many small-time local businesses are lost when it comes to promoting their brand and services online. Despite the fact that they know how important it is to have an online presence, I’m constantly stunned when I see business owners who haven’t updated their website in ten years or don’t see the Read more

3 Email Marketing Pain Points that Are Actually Awesome

2016 is the best of times and the worst of times for marketers. It’s the best of times because we have access to more tools for acquisition, engagement, and retention than ever before: we can reach audiences in creative and personalized ways. Not to mention, marketing technology is still in its infancy, Read more

The Influencer Outreach Equation

Pitching an influencer can be soul-crushing. After sending a highly-targeted pitch, you can spend the next few days wondering whether or not your email was even opened, and in all honesty the numbers aren’t in your favor: Top-tier publishers average 500 pitches per week while some publishers receive Read more