Andrea Lehr

Andrea Lehr is a promotions supervisor at Fractl, a creative digital agency specializing in high-quality content creation and placement. She works alongside a team of creative strategists to produce innovative and unique, data-driven campaigns about industry trends. Her work has been featured on HubSpot, Entrepreneur, Relevance, Convince & Convert, and The Next Web. When she’s not in the office, there’s a good chance you’ll find her running or challenging friends to a game of Apples to Apples.

The Influencer Outreach Equation

Pitching an influencer can be soul-crushing. After sending a highly-targeted pitch, you can spend the next few days wondering whether or not your email was even opened, and in all honesty the numbers aren’t in your favor: Top-tier publishers average 500 pitches per week while some publishers receive Read more
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The Most Social Publishers

Your campaign is out of production and off to promotion. Your team begins to build a list of targeted publishers, but they might be overlooking a crucial step: identifying a publisher’s level of social engagement. This metric has revolutionized publishing, and a strong social presence is what Read more

Publisher Body Image Size Compared

It’s a story all too familiar to content marketers: Your asset has passed QA and is ready to be sent through promotions. You get a bite from an editor who absolutely loves the campaign but everything comes screeching to a halt: Your asset doesn’t fit on the publisher’s site. During the production Read more

Best Practice Guide for Influencer Marketing Pitches

Influencers spend most of their time in their inboxes sifting through lots and lots of emails. This takes time, and no matter who the influencer is, there is one guarantee: They’re always short of it. When you email influencers prodding them to take a look at your latest campaign, you’re asking Read more

How to Execute a Winning Campaign Interview With a Publisher

There are many goals for a content marketing campaign, including to maximize exposure, increase brand awareness, and initiate a conversation with your target audience. Whatever your end goal, an essential element for any successful campaign is a targeted promotions cycle – and the key ingredient Read more

Sentiment by Subject

If you want to maximize your outreach efforts, you should start list building while your content is still in production. A crucial step within the process is to determine which publishers are worth the exclusive versus which should be saved for syndication. When you have content that explores a controversial Read more

The Average Facebook User for 20 Publishers

Knowing your audience is critical not only for successful content marketing campaigns but also for any form of communication – highly targeted messages are what compel people to share your content. You can also find out a lot about who is sharing your content via social platforms, which is what Read more

Creating Newsworthy Content

When it comes to ideation, as a creative strategist you have to balance client requests with what you deem compelling content. Coming up with fresh ideas that will both ignite a conversation with your audience and please the client can be a constant struggle, but a great bridge between the two is Read more

How to Create a Viral Idea in a Boring Vertical

As much as we love variety, let’s face it: Some things are just plain boring. This can feel especially true when you’re working with multiple clients – some days you’re offering endless ideas about comic book characters and movies; the next you’re trying to make any inch of linoleum seem Read more

7 Practices That Maximize the ROI of Negative Pitch Replies

Nobody likes negative feedback. Even if you mask it as “constructive criticism,” it still stings. In promotions, it’s not uncommon to receive a negative response from an editor – some of the worst I’ve received is a simple, “No.” However, what you might not realize is that a negative Read more