Gustavo Pelogia is currently an SEO Specialist at Wolfgang Digital. He frequently covers topics related to technical SEO, link building and search trends in addition to speaking at industry events and conferences. You can follow him on Twitter @pelogia

Scraping the SERPs to Determine Timing of Journalist’s Topic Coverage

You researched the right websites, the right contacts, wrote an exciting e-mail and now you're waiting for a story to pick up. This is the moment where a lot of us get anxious because the outcome is out of our control. Some journalists will get in touch right away, some will open your emails over and Read more

5 Steps to Getting Your Team Organized for Cohesive Outreach in BuzzStream

Introducing new tools or concepts to your team takes time, energy and patience. We’ve been using BuzzStream at Poki Playground for almost three years now, but when we first started using it, we had a couple of assumptions about how our team would use it and how quickly they would adapt. Turns out Read more