Matt works on customer acquisition at BuzzStream. Before BuzzStream, he worked as an SEO Strategist at Portent and a Marketing Manager at AppCentral (acquired by Good Technology). You can follow Matt on Twitter or Google Plus.

Combining the Powers of Search, Content, and Digital PR

When I was 7, Captain Planet taught me a lot about marketing.  If you’ve never seen Captain Planet, it was a cartoon about a small group of international teenagers who each had a ring that gave them a relatively uninteresting power. (One guy could light things on fire, one woman could make it windy, Levar […]


How to Use BuzzSumo & BuzzStream to Find Content Promotion Opportunities

Finding great opportunities – particularly in verticals you aren’t deeply familiar with – is one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of content promotion and link building process.  Enter BuzzSumo – a new tool that makes this process a little easier. It’s a great fit for BuzzStream users, especially those who are looking […]


Professional Development for Digital Marketers: How to Up Your Game in 2014

With some free time coming up during the holidays, and a new year not far behind, it’s time for every SEO and digital marketer to ask themselves one simple question: “How am I going to up my game in 2014?” That’s what we’re going to cover in today’s post. (And as it’s also the topic […]


Using Paid, Owned, and Earned Media to Promote an eBook: How We Marketed Linking Outside the Box

We hear a lot about earned, owned, and paid content promotion, but what does a campaign look like? And how can a marketer with limited resources put one together? Recently, we here at BuzzStream launched our Linking Outside the Box ebook and promoted it across paid, earned, and owned media. This content and promotion effort […]


52 Bite-Size Link Building Tips

Need some quick link building inspiration? We’ve refined the expert advice from Linking Outside the Box into 52 tasty morsels that are bound to get you going: How a Partnership Led to a Viral Video with a Million Video Views Tips from Gregory Ciotti, @GregoryCiotti, Marketing Director at HelpScout 1. Partnerships begin with solid research. […]


Introducing Linking Outside the Box, the Free Guide to Creative Link Building

Link building is hard. Creativity, combined with hard work, are the key to success. And while we can’t help you with the hard work part (that’s on you), we can help you be more creative. Linking Outside the Box: the Free Guide to Creative Link Building    Today we’re announcing our newest (and first) free […]


How to Connect with Content Curators to Build Links, Audience, and Traffic

Getting included in round-ups and other curated posts is a very effective strategy for promoting your content and growing your traffic, permission marketing assets, and link equity.  So I was surprised when we surveyed BuzzStream customers and found that less than a third were looking for content curators and roundups as promotion opportunities. So today I’m going […]

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Link Building Campaigns 101: Getting Organized Before You Start Blogger Outreach

One question we hear a lot at BuzzStream is “How do I start my link outreach campaign?” Before they go all crazy with the outreach and the requests, top performing link development professionals get their resources together and get buy-in and alignment from their companies and clients.  Just like chefs laying out their mise en […]


Qualify & Research Opportunities Even Faster: Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts for the BuzzBar

We know that content promotion is time consuming. Sorting through sites, researching new opportunities, and reaching out to busy people all take up valuable hours. So we made it easier with our newest feature: Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts in the BuzzBar The BuzzBar now has keyboard shortcuts to make qualifying, research, and working with link/promotion prospects […]


Introducing Follow-Up Reminders: Never Forget to Follow Up Again

Today, we’re excited to announce Follow-Up and Reply Reminders in BuzzStream.  Now you’ll never forget to follow up on placement opportunities – and dramatically improve the percentage of opportunities that convert to placements. Why Follow-Up Emails are Important Experienced outreach professionals know that polite follow-up messages get great results: “Always, always follow up on your […]