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Newsjacking – An SEOs approach to improving rankings

Newsjacking should be a key tactic in any approach to digital PR but before I dive in, let me clarify how I see it. Newsjacking is adding value to an existing popular conversation online. The process behind that is what I’ll expand on here, along with how to make sure the tactic adds bottom-line Read more

The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Pitching a Publisher

Success in link building and digital PR comes from personalization.  When pitching a top publication, it’s important to remember that there’s a person on the other side of the screen. Otherwise, you run the risk of writing pitches that sound robotic and falling into the same bin as the other Read more

Words Matter: How Journalists in Different Verticals Think & Write

Recently, we analyzed over 200,000 pieces of content in five verticals (Health, Finance, Tech, Entertainment, and Travel) in order to determine how the PR landscape will look in 2020. A big part of that research involved reviewing the different ways that journalists communicate, not just in terms of Read more

How to Create a Winning Content Promotion Plan

The original version of this post was written by the ridiculously talented Stephanie Briggs. Although it has been updated heavily it’s incredible how much of the original information still rings true. To keep up to date with her current goings-on, head over to Briggsby. Many content marketers Read more

What Google Says About Email Outreach Campaign Deliverability

The Internet is flooded with articles covering every topic related to email deliverability. Many of these are quite valuable, but for marketing outreach professionals, the problem with this information is two-fold: Most of these articles are focused on traditional email marketing, rather than Read more

The Comprehensive Guide to Pitching HARO Successfully in 2017

You probably know what HARO is. You may have even responded to a few of the emails. But here's the real question: Is responding to HARO queries worth your time today? And if it is, how do maximize your efforts? In 2008, PR guru Peter Shankman would regularly receive requests from the press Read more

3 Short & Memorable Mindhacks for Better HARO Pitches

In addition to writing content for BuzzStream, I also publish articles in places like The Next Web and Entrepreneur. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is my go-to-resource for finding sources and meeting wonderful PR professionals. Through the platform, I’ve surfaced my best stories and have made hundreds Read more
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How to Create a Media-Worthy Data Story

Publicists outnumber journalists 5:1, according to one forecast. But even without the hard numbers to prove it, one trend is clear: For big and small companies alike, strong PR visibility is tough to attain. Think about it—journalists are flooded with requests and potential story ideas. What is it Read more
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Improve Your PR Outreach with a Messaging Audit

Publicists outnumber journalists 5:1. What that number means is that there’s a lot of competition to reach the same sets of eyeballs. And that competition directly impacts your chances of reaching the person on the other side of your computer screen. Your messaging needs to stand out, but Read more

What PR Leaders Should Know About SEO

If you’re a PR leader, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about SEO. Why? Because you’re getting mixed messages. While some experts tell you that search engine optimization is obsolete, others will tell you that this marketing technique is more important than ever.  As a PR leader, Read more