In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use tags in BuzzStream to easily organize your contact database.

Tags help you leverage your contact database with ease. Some effective ways to tag your contacts are by categories, keywords, and industries.

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You can add tags while uploading your contacts, or after the fact by selecting your contacts, then selecting Edit, Tags, selecting the tags you’d like to apply and then selecting “OK.”

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Once you’ve tagged your contact database, building a list of contacts for outreach becomes even easier. Let’s say you created an ebook about crafting your own personalized exercise regimen as a busy professional, and you’d like to target some of you fellow entrepreneurs. You can filter your contacts by the tag entrepreneur, in addition to criteria like Domain authority, relationship stage, and location. You could even further narrow down your list by the tags SMB or enterprise.

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To manage your tag database, go to Settings, Manage tags. From here, you can edit, merge or delete tags. You’ll also get to see how many people and websites are associated with that tag. If you’d like to merge two similar tags, simply select two tags, click merge tags, then choose the tag you’d like to keep. In this case, since SMB is more widely used than small to medium business, that’s the one I’ll choose.

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