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Why Spreadsheets Don’t Work for Outreach and Link Building

Are you still using Excel or Google spreadsheets to manage your outreach and link building projects? Whether you are using them qualify prospects or log activity, it's time to consider a different approach to scale your efforts - and ultimately your business. In this post, we're going to look at several Read more

Product Update: Custom Exports

We released an update to the export capabilities in BuzzStream that will make it much easier to get the exact information you need for reporting purposes or for list building. Rather than exporting all fields, you can now select the specific information you need and save the export format for future Read more

Case Study: How Unique Influence Uses BuzzStream and Citation Labs to Supercharge their Link Building

Ryan Pitylak is the CEO of Unique Influence, a full-service search marketing and digital PR agency. Unique Influence is not only a BuzzStream customer, they also provide content creation and link building services to a number of other BuzzStream customers.  I've known Ryan for a long time and I've heard Read more

New Free Link Building Tools!

We're happy to announce the release of a collection of free link building tools.  Over the last three years, we've built a number of tools that we use internally, some to help with customer implementations and some as prototypes for tools we've added to the product.  It's great that these tools have Read more

Major Product Update: Inline Editing and Customizable Views Are Here!

When it comes to managing relationships with influencers and managing links, people have a love/hate relationship with their spreadsheets.  On the one hand, spreadsheets become impossible to manage as you scale your efforts.  On the other hand, they're flexible and fast.  So, for us, the trick is Read more

New Release: Twitter OAuth, Media Metrics, Advanced Tagging and Filtering

We've been busy implementing some new features that speed up BuzzStream, allow you to better manage/search your tags and show you a more in depth snapshot of your media outlets, influencers, links and link partners. Again our customers have come up with some great ideas and we listened. All told Read more

Anatomy of Link Building Pitch Spam

The Bad Pitch Blog is a great place to laugh at the foibles of unwitting PR hacks who send out spammy, untargeted, impersonal pitches to journalists.  I'd love to read a blog like that for link builders.  However, I worry that spammy link pitches are too much the norm in our industry, so the blog could Read more

Hello…anybody home?

Ok, I realize things have been a little quiet here at the BuzzStream blog (understatement).  No we haven't disappeared, we've just been deep in our cave trying to get the first release of the product finished.  We've been working insane hours trying to get this release in the can.  The good news is Read more

Jujitsu Link Building

I'm just back from SMX Advanced in Seattle, which was a great conference all about search marketing.  My personal interest was the organic search tract, which covers many methods we used to build  And within organic search, the main attraction was link-building especially from Read more