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Selecting Keywords for SEO: A Quick Guide for PR and Social Media Pros

Shannon Paul's had a post yesterday that included very good advice for PR pros who want to plunge into the social media world (make sure you look at the presentation she's embedded in the post).  Shannon suggests that PR pros need to start thinking about how they can make their content searchable and Read more

More proof of the small business social media advantage

Chris Brogan had two posts over the weekend about a guy named "Bob" at a Fortune 500 company who tried to engage with his customers and was cut off at the knees by management.  By themselves these posts are interesting reads, but for marketers at small and mid-size business, they're even more interesting Read more

Social Media Measurement: Yes, ROI Matters

Jason Falls blog, Social Media Explorer, is right near the top of the list of my favorite social media blogs.  Jason had a post last week about social media measurement that led to a pretty lively discussion in the comments, on twitter, and on a number of blog posts that linked to the original post.  Read more

3 Quick Ways to Use Social Media to Get to Big Media

The world of PR is in a state of turmoil. As advertising dollars shrink, print pubs have all but disappeared and online media sites are strapped for resources. Only the biggest stories seem to get picked up these days. So, how do you get the press to pay attention? Try social media. At BreakingPoint, Read more