Matt works on customer acquisition at BuzzStream. Before BuzzStream, he worked as an SEO Strategist at Portent and a Marketing Manager at AppCentral (acquired by Good Technology). You can follow Matt on Twitter or Google Plus.

Lesson 4: Finding New Opportunities with BuzzStream

What You'll Learn Today In this lesson, you’ll learn how to find new opportunities – like product review opportunities, guest post placements, resources pages, and more – using BuzzStream Discovery and BuzzStream’s prospecting module.  Then you’ll qualify them, and finally add them to your Read more

Prospect Faster & Do Smarter Outreach with the BuzzMarker for Chrome

Today we’re excited to announce the BuzzMarker for Chrome. We've reinvented the BuzzMarker as a Chrome extension - and now you can take your BuzzStream account with you, everywhere you go on the web. If you're anything like me, you want to start playing with it already. You can download Read more

How to Use BuzzSumo & BuzzStream to Find Content Promotion Opportunities

Finding great opportunities - particularly in verticals you aren't deeply familiar with - is one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of content promotion and link building process.  Enter BuzzSumo - a new tool that makes this process a little easier. It's a great fit for BuzzStream users, Read more

Measuring the Impact of Content Promotion & Link Building

One of the biggest challenges link building and outreach professionals face is measuring the results of their work and connecting them to revenue. Today we'll look at how you can measure the impact of outreach, link building, and content promotion across multiple dimensions, including referral traffic, Read more

How to Structure a Link Building Campaign for Maximum Impact

Structuring linking campaigns can be tough.  There's so much contrary advice on the internet - Make big content! 301 redirects! Guest post! Make friends! Promote Your Content! And the list goes on. Most of these tactics will work - up to a point, where you'll hit the point of diminishing returns. Read more

How to: Get Links on Resource Pages

Links and resources pages are one of the oldest uses for the web – and an excellent link opportunity. Today’s post will focus on improving your techniques for getting links on links and resource pages. Why Get Links on Resource Pages? Although deeply out of fashion, these links can be excellent Read more

Creating Data-Driven Content: the Step by Step Process

  Data is the new content. Don’t believe me?  The most popular political journalist in the United States is writing computer models, not spending time with campaigns. And that’s just one example.  Using data to tell an interesting story is one of the most compelling ways to drive Read more

Improving Link Building Response Rates With Persuasive Psychology

One of the most frustrating parts about link development is low success & response rates. While this has many causes – including poor prospecting methods, low quality sites, bad timing, and more – it is often due to poor outreach email construction. Most people don’t send persuasive emails. Read more

Enterprise Link Prospecting: Scalable Ways to Source Link Opportunities

Link prospecting is straightforward. Find a site you can get a link from, find a relevant page, or figure out how to make one. But scaling link prospecting across hundreds of landing pages, multiple sites, and thousands of link partners, is challenging. Qualities of Enterprise-Level Link Prospecting Read more

The 4 Stages of Enterprise Link Development Maturity

Here at BuzzStream, we talk to a lot of different groups about the structure of their link development organizations and how this structure supports their work.  With all of Google's recent changes, we're seeing companies change their link building playbooks and restructure their link building organizations. I've Read more
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