Megan Dottersmuch

Megan Dottermusch is an inbound marketing manager at 2U, where she develops and designs creative content on behalf of Counseling@Northwestern, Northwestern University's online Masters in Counseling program. Megan is passionate about promoting health and nutrition, combating mental health stigmas, and practicing everyday mindfulness. Learn more about 2U @2Uinc (we’re hiring!) and connect with Megan at @Mdottermusch.

#BreakTheStigma: A Case Study on Uniting a Community of Advocates Online

In our last guest post, we took a look at how 2U utilized BuzzStream to build valuable networks online. Specifically, we noted how Buzzstream allows us to engage communities, encourage thought leadership, and provide innovative content on behalf of our university partner program MBA@UNC. This time, Read more