150+ Guest Posting Sites That Will Actually Build Traffic (Analysis)

Most link builders know that what Google says and what Google does can be two very different things.

One practice sits squarely in Google’s gray area: guest posting sites.

In the early days of Google, guest posting (aka guest blogging) was seen as a legitimate SEO strategy, and Google didn’t publicly penalize it. Then, in 2014, Google warned about the potential harm of guest posting if its main purpose was solely link building. Matt Cutts’ infamous blog post advised “sticking a fork in it” because guest posting for links was done.

Today, Guest posting and guest posting sites continue to climb in popularity.

Yet, so many link builders focus on the wrong links, as evidenced by the sites mentioned in top-ranking posts that list “guest posting sites.”

We analyzed 500+ sites included on top-ranking “guest post sites” lists and ran a quality check (so you don’t have to.)


After compiling our list based on the sites’ guest post lists, we also added our own sites by using Ahref’s Content Explorer. We looked for sites with clear signals that they accepted guest posts, such as post titles and URLs with the words “contribute” or “write for us.”

Then we manually analyzed our list, looking for five key qualifications:

  • Domain Rating above 50
  • Monthly Organic Traffic is above 10,000
  • They provide dofollow links (and not just to government sites)
  • Author names are clearly displayed (vs something like “admin” or “guest”)
  • The website is quality, meaning they have E-E-A-T signals and content is high quality, well-written

Note: We aim to keep this list up to date, but if there is a post that you see that you feel doesn’t qualify for the above, please let us know.

150+ Quality Guest Posting Sites

Below is the list guest post sites broken down by general category. There is some overlap between the sites and categories.

Site NameURLDomain RatingEst. Monthly TrafficCategory
TechTargetVisit Site9024,405,210Tech
Visit Site9313,568,895Marketing
Psychology TodayVisit Site927,277,409Health
Harvard Business ReviewVisit Site924,569,356Business
ClutchVisit Site892,326,171Business
99designsVisit Site851,736,711Design
BufferVisit Site901,506,648IT
UNiDAYSVisit Site761,405,748Lifestyle
Everyday PowerVisit Site741,309,219Productivity
ADDitude MagazineVisit Site791,115,264Health
IncVisit Site92958,089Business
CreatelyVisit Site76846,113IT
NanonetsVisit Site66770,627IT
MamamiaVisit Site77753,400Lifestyle
FreshdeskVisit Site91625,488IT
Technology NetworksVisit Site76585,551Tech
The Planet DVisit Site72531,993Travel
Search Engine LandVisit Site91525,125Marketing
Analytics InsightVisit Site77488,879Tech
MentionVisit Site83453,797Marketing
Smashing MagazineVisit Site90448,101Dev
MacUpdateVisit Site79408,858Tech
ANY.RUNVisit Site69336,790Tech
eDreamsVisit Site68328,943Travel
StackifyVisit Site74320,158IT
Campaign MonitorVisit Site89305,748Marketing
EdutopiaVisit Site84300,675Education
PromoVisit Site77271,688Marketing
RapidAPIVisit Site80271,475Dev
CoScheduleVisit Site85267,776Marketing
The DiplomatVisit Site81260,217General News
SurveySparrowVisit Site76236,970IT
GetResponseVisit Site89227,073Marketing
MailbirdVisit Site73218,539Productivity
ShortformVisit Site68217,392Health
Thrive My WayVisit Site76197,632Leadership
EduGorillaVisit Site45183,598Education
HelloGigglesVisit Site79180,309Lifestyle
VentureBeatVisit Site91178,110Tech
Digital JournalVisit Site86150,185General News
MailjetVisit Site82148,109Tech
FinancesOnlineVisit Site85136,794Finance
Upper IncVisit Site71127,634Business
EmbedSocialVisit Site83123,025Marketing
SimplyBookVisit Site83119,530IT
NinjaOutreachVisit Site74114,409Marketing
Red Gate's Simple TalkVisit Site77113,153Dev
AutomoblogVisit Site65111,047Auto
Banyan BotanicalsVisit Site73110,893Lifestyle
MkyongVisit Site70104,815IT
Read WriteVisit Site83103,079Tech
AgorapulseVisit Site7998,662Marketing
Boarding AreaVisit Site7497,113Travel
HongkiatVisit Site8195,666Design
AcodezVisit Site7391,428Design
Netguru BlogVisit Site7388,987Tech
AgencyAnalyticsVisit Site7386,345Marketing
Betterstack CommunityVisit Site8284,858Dev
Content Marketing InstituteVisit Site8884,171Marketing
FoleonVisit Site8184,167Design
BenchmarkEmailVisit Site8381,099Marketing
Milwaukee MagazineVisit Site7180,791Lifestyle
TutorfulVisit Site7080,444Education
Virginia MagVisit Site7378,000Lifestyle
CXLVisit Site8572,799Marketing
ChantyVisit Site7571,929Productivity
InsteadingVisit Site6664,383Lifestyle
NomadsWorldVisit Site4663,809Travel
ASCDVisit Site8162,123Education
LivingrichwithcouponsVisit Site6657,600Finance
Food DiveVisit Site7756,606Food and Cooking
DogTipperVisit Site5655,116Lifestyle
FishingBookerVisit Site7454,878Lifestyle
T NationVisit Site7454,146Health
Wise BreadVisit Site7652,741Finance
Abstract APIVisit Site6552,692IT
Empire FlippersVisit Site7551,839Business
InksemVisit Site6750,604Marketing
ColossalVisit Site7946,833Design
Ecommerce CEOVisit Site7345,743Marketing
Search Engine RoundtableVisit Site8443,599Tech
LuxuoVisit Site6842,961Lifestyle
CopybloggerVisit Site8640,700Marketing
Company FoldersVisit Site7138,723DIY and Crafts
OmniconvertVisit Site7638,466Tech
ManningVisit Site8237,492Tech
360LearningVisit Site7436,193IT
AllBusinessVisit Site8136,145Business
BuilddVisit Site6636,130Marketing
Trail RunnerVisit Site7036,011Health
ExabytesVisit Site8335,254IT
Metro ParentVisit Site6934,220Parenting
101 BlockchainsVisit Site7233,871Tech
EntirelyPetsVisit Site7233,068Lifestyle
Ness LabsVisit Site7132,861Health
Addicted2SuccessVisit Site7332,372Productivity
TinkerLabVisit Site6832,018DIY and Crafts
SogolyticsVisit Site7231,983Tech
InformITVisit Site8130,710Tech
iDrop NewsVisit Site6627,502Tech
MainstreethostVisit Site7027,429Marketing
African American Intellectual History SocietyVisit Site7125,971General News
TechreviewerVisit Site7325,858Tech
MofluidVisit Site6725,742Business
PrototyprVisit Site7825,501Tech
RaindanceVisit Site7025,424Entertainment
AeroLeadsVisit Site7324,721IT
Modest MoneyVisit Site6624,712Finance
Search Engine WatchVisit Site8824,700IT
Elephant JournalVisit Site8024,320Lifestyle
MentalHealthVisit Site7223,565Health
GrowthMentorVisit Site7221,814Marketing
TechimplyVisit Site7021,464Tech
MediapostVisit Site8821,429General News
The Next TechVisit Site5521,317Tech
IFSEC GlobalVisit Site7320,713General News
Voy MediaVisit Site6720,075Marketing
SERPsVisit Site7119,298Marketing
LeadFuzeVisit Site7218,618Marketing
TechWyseVisit Site7218,486Marketing
Charisma MagazineVisit Site7118,406Lifestyle
FleximizeVisit Site6718,181Finance
Web Designer DepotVisit Site8318,103Design
ConvertFlowVisit Site7016,997Dev
Data Science CentralVisit Site7516,987Science
The HealthcareVisit Site7216,552Health
Light StalkingVisit Site7015,475Lifestyle
Ecommerce NationVisit Site6915,411Business
Event EspressoVisit Site7214,969Tech
CreativeProVisit Site7314,789Design
offbeat BrideVisit Site7314,600Lifestyle
LeadGen AppVisit Site6814,424Marketing
KevinMDVisit Site7614,095Health
Grid DynamicsVisit Site7314,005Tech
Simple ProgrammerVisit Site7013,950Dev
AppSignalVisit Site7013,669IT
Radar MagazineVisit Site7113,370Lifestyle
WebEngageVisit Site7112,603Marketing
MailerSendVisit Site7012,464IT
The KenVisit Site6612,463Business
MarketingProfsVisit Site8412,040Marketing
Love My DressVisit Site7411,942Lifestyle
Green Builder MediaVisit Site6911,888General News
Getting SmartVisit Site7611,632Education
AppInstituteVisit Site7411,288Marketing
A List ApartVisit Site8710,490Design
StartupNationVisit Site7510,198Leadership
UI PatternsVisit Site7010,016Design

How to Identify Quality Guest Post Sites

YouTube player

Guest posting is a great way to build traffic, gain exposure, and grow your brand. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it, however.

When identifying guest post opportunities, you are trying to both choose quality, relevant sites, but at the same time, trying to safeguard the longevity and strength of your post. Nothing is worse than getting a guest post on a website only for that website to get hit by an algorithm update.

As a general insight, companies’ websites (vs. publications) are much more likely to be quality backlinks.

So, here are a few ways to identify quality, long-lasting guest posting opportunities.

Gauge Site Relevance

Simply put, in guest posting, choosing sites relevant to your niche is better for your SEO.

For SEO, links from relevant sites tell search engines that your site is also contextually relevant, helping support your ability to rank.

Posting to relevant sites can also theoretically bring in traffic, leading to better-converting customers — though realistically, this is less likely to happen unless your post gets a lot of exposure.

Check Domain Authority or Rating

Third-party metrics like Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR) are built as a proxy for Google’s Page Rank. So, focus on the higher DA/DR opportunities where you can. For reference, the median DR in our analysis was 74.

Tools like Moz’s Link Explorer and Ahrefs’ Site Explorer can quickly give you a snapshot of authority metrics.

DR vs DA

You can also use a tool like Majestic’s Trust Flow. However, because none of these metrics are exactly Google’s Page Rank, you’ll sometimes see sites with inflated authority DA or DR for various reasons. That’s why the remaining checks are important.

Overall, the goal here is to weed out poor quality sites.

Relevance vs Authority

In our post about relevant links, we shared the below link relevancy vs link authority matrix.

link relevance vs link authority matrix

There is a balance to strike between relevance and authority. A site can be highly authoritative, but if it’s irrelevant, it will not be valuable.

Check Traffic

Organic traffic is one metric that most tools can provide, though they are estimations of traffic, not exact measures. Filtering out sites with low organic traffic generally gets you sites of higher quality because to bring in traffic, they are most likely ranking, which means they are doing something right.

The traffic could be from anything, so this isn’t foolproof either. They could have one unrelated post bringing in a ton of traffic.

Use Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to get a site’s estimated organic traffic.

One of the other things to look at in Site Explorer is the organic traffic graph. Ahrefs provides helpful date stamps for large algorithm updates so you can easily cross-reference to see when a site might have been hit by an algorithm update, which is a bad sign.

In the example below, you can clearly see a site traffic dip coincides with an algorithm update.

traffic decline pointed out by ahrefs

Although a traffic dip can be caused by many things, most algorithm updates these days are concerned about a website’s content quality.

Assess Audience Engagement

Assessing audience engagement of your target site is less about your content reaching an active, interested audience (though that’s great if it happens) and more about using audience engagement to signal that real people run your site.

One easy way to evaluate this is to click on the site’s social profiles. You could also look at site comments, if enabled.

In the image below, there are no real posts or engagement from followers on their Facebook since 2021. (Facebook is the only social profile linked to from their site.)

social engagement

Another sign of poor audience engagement is when social links appear on the website but then link to nothing. This signals that a site was put together using a theme, but no care was given to the details.

Judge Content Quality

Judging a site’s content quality helps ensure that the site won’t get hit with a penalty or drop traffic from a Google algorithm update.

So, first, you want to judge the quality of the site’s content library. Are any posts out of place compared to the site’s main focus?

Take a look at the screenshot below, there are articles ranging from music lessons to the cost of gastric balloons.

wide content quality

Looking at a snapshot of the overall content might not be able to give you a full assessment, after all the site above is a general news site, so they do cover a wide range. So, you’ll also need to judge the quality of the writing itself. Are articles well-written, thoughtful, and well-researched? Remember, Google wants sites to provide helpful content.

The aforementioned gastric balloon cost post has no links to any type of research, nor does it even tell you the cost of the procedure!

an example of poor content quality

The one relevant link it does have points to a clinic that performs gastric balloon procedures, signaling that this is most likely a link building post from said clinic.

Check for E-E-A-T Signals

Evaluating a site for E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and Experience) involves a few steps. Check out the authors’ credentials to ensure they have expertise and experience in their field.

poor eeat signals

This site tells me very little about its authors, which isn’t always a bad thing as long as there are signals on other pages, like an About page. But, unfortunately, the About Us page tells us nothing more about the writers or their credentials either.

no information available on the about page

Then, look for signs of authority and trust, like industry recognition or references from other reputable sites.

All in all, give the site the “eye test”. If things look off, or not as high quality as you’d expect, move on.

After you’ve identified a quality guest post site, find their email address, and use one of our email outreach templates to ensure you get your email seen.

How to Find Guest Posting Sites Using Google Search

The easiest way to find guest posting opportunities is via Google Search. Here is a list of search operators:

guest post
write for us
guest article
contributing writer
contribute to our site
submit content
submit your content
submit post
This post was written by
guest post courtesy of
guest posting guidelines
accepting guest posts
submit an article
contributor guidelines
guest posts wanted
accepting guest contributors
become guest writer
become a contributor
submit guest post
submit an article
submit article
guest author
contributor posts
guest post spot
guest bloggers needed
submit a guest article
join our writing team
guest post by
now accepting guest posts
submit your article
intitle:"guest post"
intitle:"write for us"
intitle:"guest post guidelines"
intitle:"contributor guidelines"
intitle:"submit" + inurl:blog
intitle:"contribute to"
intitle:"submit blog post"
add a post
submit your post
add guest post
add blog post
add article
send your article
guest bloggers wanted

For most of these, you can add your industry with the word “AND” to get even closer matches.

For example: “write for us” AND “SEO” if I wanted the SEO industry.

However, some sites may be open to guest posts even if they don’t advertise. Look for the same quality signals listed above. You can find all link building opportunities, including guest posts using BuzzStream’s link building query generator.

Link building generator from BuzzStream

Simply fill in the corresponding fields and let the tool do the rest.

How to Use BuzzStream to Find Guest Posting Sites

BuzzStream has three main areas that you can uncover guest posting sites and quickly evaluate and add them to your post.

Add Prospects from Search

BuzzStream’s Research Lists let you “Add Prospects From Search” to find websites relevant to your niche based on keywords and search operators.

add prospects from search feature on ahrefs

You can then add the relevant search queries above and BuzzStream will pull the top 100 search results along with any available contact information where you can then begin to evaluate and email.

Import Existing list

If you already have a list of potential sites (like the ones listed on this post) you can import as a CSV.

import contacts from a csv or other tools

You can also import any exported data from Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, Citation Labs, and Salesforce.

Search the Web and Add Manually

Lastly, if you prefer to do the prospecting yourself via web search, you can evaluate sites yourself and utilize the BuzzMarker Chrome Extension to add relevant sites to your project, gather contact information, and start sending emails.

add to your list via the BuzzMarker

Frequently Asked Questions about Guest Posting

Which Platform is Best For Guest Posting?

There is no one true platform or site that works best for guest posting. It all comes down to the relevance and authority. Before you spend time writing a guest post, ensure that it has the quality signals mentioned above.

Which Niche is Best for Guest Posting?

There are no niches that are best or worst for guest posts as it all comes down to opportunity. There are definitely niches that have more guest-posting sites available, but that doesn’t mean those sites are more or less effective.

Guest posting can be an effective SaaS link building tactic.

What’s the Difference Between Guest Posting and Link Insertions?

Guest posting is writing a new post and including a link to your site within the article, while link insertion is adding a link to an existing article.

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