The #1 Tip To Running A Successful Influencer Outreach Campaign

It can be challenging to find a marketing article that doesn’t mention influencer marketing lately. Influencer marketing has become the rising star in the world of marketing. The catalyst of this rise is the growing trend of consumers connecting with and trusting influencers over brands.  Influencer Read more

Case Study: Linking Strategies for Page Authority Growth Featuring Inseev x Truliant FCU

The situation Truliant brought on Inseev Interactive as their link building provider in October, 2020. They came to Inseev with a goal of building links to their auto loans, mortgage loans, and checking pages. They also wanted to focus on two of their Learn hub pages. The target hub pages Read more

The Art of Writing Subject Lines That Journalists Will Love

They may comprise a mere 10 to 12 words, but these words hold plenty of power. As one of the only chances you have of getting your campaign seen by a journalist, subject lines are arguably the most important part of a pitch. As a journalist, I’ve seen and deleted thousands of PR emails over Read more

Newsjacking- How to Spot Trends and Turn Them Into Links on TOP Tier Publications

  Ever since I began my career in Digital PR, newsjacking has been my all time favourite strategy to use for every day link building. That’s right, this activity can drive links consistently without quiet spells waiting for assets to be designed or built. Google’s looking Read more

Remakes & Remixes: Replicating Successful Digital PR Campaigns

That Digital PR Campaign has been done before - can you do it again? Thoughts on why remakes and remixes fail, and how we might alter our approach to these types of campaigns. This post originally started out as a talk called Difficult Second Album Syndrome which I gave at Drink Digital earlier Read more