Remakes & Remixes: Replicating Successful Digital PR Campaigns

That Digital PR Campaign has been done before - can you do it again? Thoughts on why remakes and remixes fail, and how we might alter our approach to these types of campaigns. This post originally started out as a talk called Difficult Second Album Syndrome which I gave at Drink Digital earlier Read more

Kickstarting Your First Link Building Campaign From Scratch

When you start a new site, there seem to be dozens of new tasks to take care of everyday. It’s tough, and it can burn you out. And you feel it especially when it comes to link building. Not only does it require a lot of attention, but it can also be hard to navigate the world of backlinks Read more

The Best Execution for Your Link Building Campaigns

Paddy Moogan of Aira takes a deep dive into the 2021 State of Link Building Survey data (one of the largest datasets of it's kind in the industry) to uncover and dissect the top performing link building execution methods and how you can apply them to your program to get outsized results for your next campaign. Read more Integration and Updated Contact Management

Ever since we launched our feature request page, one request has consistently ranked at the top in terms of overall demand and popularity:

Please (PLEASE) integrate into BuzzStream!

Well, today I am extremely excited to announce that, yes, if you’ve got a BuzzStream group plan or above Read more

Digital PR Strategy: Industry Insights and The Methods That Secure Coverage in 2021

I was clueless about the world of Digital PR and what it entailed - until I landed in the industry myself. Unlike its traditional PR counterpart, Digital PR is also conducted with SEO in mind and one of the key aims of outreach is to gain linked coverage on online news publications. However, Read more