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Trend Report: 8 Marketing Patterns to Watch

Web searches are one of the best indicators of public interest. That fact is a basic underpinning of online marketing and SEO tactics – but what can web searches tell us about these very same industries? Inspired by the year-end Google Trends campaign, we decided to look at some of the most common Read more

Is Page Load Speed Google's Next Organic Rankings Factor?

A tweet out of SMX Advanced last week got my attention: posted by Meaghan Olson (@MissDeFacto) from We've known since March of 2008 that Google factors page load time into the Adwords quality score, which helps determine ad rankings. But there's been no discussion of whether Read more

Big List of Austin Consumer Web Startups

Lately I've had some conversations with folks about Austin's, shall we say "weak environment" for consumer web startups.  I actually think Austin is doing OK... (maybe not as well as Silicon Valley and Seattle, but not too bad all things considered).  I like to think I'm up-to-date on what's going Read more