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How to Create a Winning Content Promotion Plan

The original version of this post was written by the ridiculously talented Stephanie Briggs. Although it has been updated heavily it’s incredible how much of the original information still rings true. To keep up to date with her current goings-on, head over to Briggsby. Many content marketers Read more

How to Apply Reciprocity to 10x Your Content Marketing Results

Content marketing takes time and effort. And, unfortunately, average tactics such as blogging, keyword-optimized landing pages and the occasional guest post will only get you average results (at best!). By working together with other guest bloggers on content creation and helping each other get Read more
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Content Research Strategy: Finding Unique Topics In an Oversaturated Niche

If you’ve been writing content for a significant amount of time, you know that consistently identifying high value topics can get very difficult. In fact, once you’ve built up a decently sized content catalog it may feel like you’ve already covered all the ground possible. Combine that with Read more
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Tips for Rocking HARO: Lessons from 10,500+ Pitches

Help a Reporter Out: From a writer’s perspective, it’s the best of times and the worst of times for the exact same reason—you meet tons of people. Personally speaking, I’ve met some amazing entrepreneurs, business leaders, PR professionals, and other contacts through the platform. At the Read more

Content Syndication: The Definitive, Insider’s Guide

PR, content, and marketing pros are all aware of guest posting as a valuable audience-building strategy. The challenge? You have limited time and resources, and you have to make tradeoffs between building your own blog and making contributions to partner sites. As much as you want to do both, you feel Read more

Turbocharge Your Messaging with these 3 Tips

Online audiences are scatterbrained, and attention spans are spread thin. It’s more critical now than ever before to reach people with an impactful value proposition and strong messaging. But how do you know whether you’re developing the right pitches to journalists, creating the right content Read more

Micro-Optimization: the Biggest Opportunity in Marketing

Marketers love to make miracles. We’re addicted to launching viral campaigns, creating heavy-hitting sales promotions, and building high-converting landing pages. The best of us are always tinkering, learning, and running tests to uncover new market opportunities. With our attention devoted to ‘the Read more

Increase Content Distribution in 5 Simple Steps

You’ve poured your heart and soul into an amazing blog post. You’ve even put some PPC spend behind promoting it. And then? Your great writing flatlines, and you’re stuck wondering what’s up. The trend you’re observing is a pain point that every content creator faces—it’s hard to get Read more

Publisher Body Image Size Compared

It’s a story all too familiar to content marketers: Your asset has passed QA and is ready to be sent through promotions. You get a bite from an editor who absolutely loves the campaign but everything comes screeching to a halt: Your asset doesn’t fit on the publisher’s site. During the production Read more

How To Earn More Links for Your Campaign with Link Reclamation

Establishing a diverse, high-quality link portfolio is crucial to increasing your organic rankings. Between July 2013 and July 2014, more than 80 percent of companies increased their spending on tactics that earn links. When launching a campaign, you must be acutely aware of where your campaign Read more