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The Best 15+ Link Building Tools for 2024 (Free and Paid)

Building links is a time-intensive process. While it may be tempting to cut costs using shady SEO tactics to take advantage of Google’s algorithm, Google eventually catches up and penalizes many sites over time. So, the best way to generate links is to use white hat tactics to build links naturally. Luckily, Read more

SaaS Link Building: Expert Tips and Real Life Examples

Building links has benefits outside of just helping you rank for keywords. Link building is integral to getting your business online exposure. The right link can attract new customers in a way that other forms of organic marketing simply cannot. Link building can be especially beneficial in competitive Read more

Relevant Links – Why They Are Important and How to Build Them

Regardless of what you’ve heard, you should always care about how and where you are getting backlinks. Links are the main way Google traverses the web. Links help provide valuable context and will always remain part of Google’s algorithm. That will never change. However, as Google shifts its Read more

How to Implement a Project Management Workflow for a Link Building Team

When I got promoted to SEO account manager at my previous digital marketing agency, besides all the excitement, I knew it would be a new challenge to create strategies involving Digital PR, Content, Design and other teams on top of my usual SEO work. I was also aware that my success in the new role Read more

Kickstarting Your First Link Building Campaign From Scratch

When you start a new site, there seem to be dozens of new tasks to take care of everyday. It’s tough, and it can burn you out. And you feel it especially when it comes to link building. Not only does it require a lot of attention, but it can also be hard to navigate the world of backlinks Read more

The Best Execution for Your Link Building Campaigns

Paddy Moogan of Aira takes a deep dive into the 2021 State of Link Building Survey data (one of the largest datasets of it's kind in the industry) to uncover and dissect the top performing link building execution methods and how you can apply them to your program to get outsized results for your next campaign. Read more

Small Businesses and Link Building

Do you know what link building is? If you’re a small business owner, the answer should probably be yes – especially today, when the pandemic has forced much of the world’s business to be conducted online. 

In short, link building refers to the process of acquiring links from other websites Read more


Exact Match Keywords & Their Shifting Importance: Everything You Need to Know

If your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising budget is tight, you might want to look into bidding on exact match keywords. These keywords help you reach users searching for specific keywords or their very close matches. Going for exact match keywords can give you a better ROI on your ad budget by giving you Read more


How Guest Posting Should Be Done In 2020

Rightly or wrongly, guest blogging has taken a bit of a hammering in recent years. Despite my heart being firmly in the world of link building, I understood why. It was the classic process with SEOs - we find a technique that works very well to help us meet our objectives, we then scale it to hell and Read more


Scraping the SERPs to Determine Timing of Journalist’s Topic Coverage

You researched the right websites, the right contacts, wrote an exciting e-mail and now you're waiting for a story to pick up. This is the moment where a lot of us get anxious because the outcome is out of our control. Some journalists will get in touch right away, some will open your emails over and Read more