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We’re a startup Internet company based in Austin, Texas.  While we are not talking about our business much yet (except to say it’s really cool and if you work in the area of Internet Marketing, you’re going to LOVE it), here’s a quick rundown on our founders.

  • Paul May, CEO – Paul was employee #1 at Support.com (SPRT) and has held senior roles in several Austin area startups, most recently at Alterpoint.
  • Jeremy Bencken, Chairman – Jeremy co-founded ApartmentRatings.com and TenantMarket.com which were acquired by Internet Brands (INET).
  • Randy Hammelman, CTO – Randy founded Conducive Consulting, a custom software development services business which has served a number of Austin companies.

We’re also excited to have great people advising us, including Pam O’Neal, VP of Marketing at BreakingPoint Systems, and Jack Long, founder of Chairman of PeopleAdmin and Master Teacher with the Acton MBA program.

While our product is still baking, we’re going to be blogging about issues relating to Internet Marketing, with a special emphasis on Blogger Relations, SEO, and PR.

Jeremy Bencken

Jeremy Bencken

Jeremy Bencken co-founded BuzzStream and served as Chairman in our first few years. Before that, he co-founded ApartmentRatings.com, which he grew into the leading global source for ratings and reviews of apartments before selling it to Internet Brands. Currently, Jeremy runs Wordloop, a performance-based content marketing company in Austin, Texas. Jeremy also serves as an advisor to Sparefoot and inHabi, and is a mentor with Capital Factory. You can find Jeremy on Twitter or Google Plus.

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